"This course is awesome - it helps you get your head in a different space; by thinking more critically about your 'why' and how you work with clients - and then putting plans in place to make your business more fun and more profitable. Great format, easily digestible, friendly, simple and takes 20 minutes a day for five days. What's not to like?"
- Dan Clements (Recruitment Consultant) 
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When i first started, i didn't know how to package my services.

There were all these questions swirling around in my head - and I didn't know where to look for the answers. 

"Should I just charge by the hour?"
"Should I create custom proposals for every client?"
"Should I say yes to all the client's requests - even though I'll have to spend SO many non-billable hours creating a custom strategy and learning new skills?" 
"How do I even justify charging $100 an hour? Who am I, Rockefeller?"

Even as I got better at my craft - I was terrified that if I increased my hourly rate, my clients would run for the hills. (#FOMO was so real on that struggle bus.)

But over the last few years, I started exploring why clients are willing to pay some consultants 10X more than what they'd pay an average Joe Freelancer - for the same scope of work - and what it means to build a brand around a service-based business and increase the perceived value of what I was bringing to the table. 

During this process, I learned a lot about what my clients were *really* looking for when hiring a service provider — and more than 10x'ed my effective hourly rate.

In the 6 lessons of this email mini-course - you'll learn the exact strategies I have used to create high-end consulting packages that command 4-figure and 5-figure weekly rates - and that propelled me from being a solo freelancer to running a branding agency that attracts our best clients, effortlessly. 


Before taking the course, I was exhausted creating custom packages for every single client that comes my way - and I was struggling to raise my rates as a copywriter.

This course is high quality, all the way. ALL of lesson 5 was eye opening for me. Thinking about pricing in terms of my USP and my income goals (rather than what I think people will pay) really hit home. I’m now choosing to specialise in sales pages & raising my rates accordingly.

This is one of those rare free courses that teach you something AND show you the specific action steps to apply it to your business. (A lot of free courses don’t actually help you make changes!)

After taking this course, I know that I’m not going to be the copywriter for every random project anymore - and I know I can charge more! It feels like a huge win!
— Christine B. (Copywriter)
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Satya Purna
Resident Gangsta @ ZAG Studios

"Hey there, I'm Satya - the founder of ZAG Studios and the creator of '10X Profits with Better Packages'
If you're like me - you started your service-based business because you're really good at what you do. Except you quickly realised that it's not enough to be great at your work - you need to know how to run it like a business. 
And you need to be able to prove to your clients why you deserve a higher rate - when there are SO many cheaper freelancers out there (whether on Upwork or in your own city).  
In the last few years, I have discovered that creating unique packages + process around your work is the fastest way to prove your worth and explode your profits - and with this mini-course, I'm sharing my best strategies with you - for free."
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This crash-course is designed to show you how you can create a brand around your process + packages - so that you can establish credibility, command higher rates and win more clients, immediately. You'll get a daily lesson sent to you in an email that takes about 10 minutes to read. Each lesson also comes with an online worksheet to apply your learnings to your business right away. 

+ LESSON #1: Why you're underpaid (and what you can do about it)

+ LESSON #2: How to figure out what your ideal clients *really* want

+ LESSON #3: How to (finally) start offering profitable packages to clients

+ LESSON #4: The goof-proof guide to Productized Services

+ LESSON #5: How to double your rate without making clients run for the hills

+ LESSON #6: How to build a brand that ties it all together - seamlessly

Ready to charge more and explode profits in your business? 


                   - Adam G. (Copywriter) 

                   - Adam G. (Copywriter) 

"Going through the course made me realise that I'm not nearly charging enough. The worksheets helped a lot - and the pricing models and packages you've laid out are just brilliant. I'm planning to double my rates immediately - also sent this to a bunch of friends to sign up."

- Elizabeth S. (Copywriter) 


"Satya, I may have a little girl crush on you. I'm loving everything in this course. I live in a small-ish town without many inspiring people around - so being able to see behind the curtains at how you have build your business and life is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing all of it!"

- Leisa L., Mindset Coach

I’m in the process of setting myself up as a freelancer. I’m super new to this, however I want to be set up right and this course seemed like one of the best jumping off points I’ve found so far - and it really was! 

The most important takeaway for me was how to package services, why they have value, and really consider the logistics of how much I can take on in a month. This has really helped me understand what I need to do to get started.

I love the way the 10X Profits course has been broken down - each section is totally manageable, but also the language and tone used are clear and relatable.

This course explains things in an interesting way, but also really helps give the business focus like nothing else has so far. The homework is also super easy to fill out - and SO useful! It’s been interesting start to finish! 
— Tasha Romano