With The 5-minute Website Audit, I'll Show You How To..

  • Grade your website + find out what you're missing - so that you can turn more browsers into leads on your website.  

  • Put your traffic on the right path to consume your free content and build the know-like-trust factor - so that you can educate your customers and bring them closer to the sale - even before you get on the phone with them.

  • Check if your copy that resonates with your best audience - so that you are only speaking with clients who love what you do & working with people who light up your life.

  • Get the most bang out of every marketing buck by getting your (tracking pixel) ducks in a row, easily. 

  • Shave off at-least 2 hours of work a week - by setting up all the automation you need to get more leads, book new clients + get paid (handsomely) - without doing any of the grunt-work yourself. 

If you’re a consultant, service provider, entrepreneur or creative who's suffering from mild to severe embarrassment around your website + you're looking to grow your business faster online, this is for you. 

Wondering if this resource is right for you? 


Satya Purna
Founder, ZAG Studios

Who am I + Why You Should Listen To Me?

Hi there, I'm Satya - I’m a brand strategy + copywriter, and the founder of ZAG Studios.

In the last few years, I have worked with dozens of clients to help them launch cash-pumping, client-wooing websites that get them real results - really quickly!

And over and over again - I've seen amazing entrepreneurs fail because they make 30 very critical mistakes on their websites that make their clients lose trust and leave (forever) without signing up.

I don't want that gruesome fate for you - which is why I've put together this FREE 5-minute Website Audit that you can use to find + fix issues with your website - immediately.

Love notes from clients ❤️❤️

"I'm so much happier in my positioning now! Satya turned around my copy in ~48 hours - and totally nailed it. Don't waste your time working with amateurs - Satya is the real deal (and she'll make your life a whole lot easier.)" - Grace Clapham

"Whoa - this is awesome, Satya!
Can't believe you're making the audit available for free! Most other copywriters would charge at least $100 to do a website audit - so you just saved me a whole lot of cash!"
- Ashley Demetrius

"After working with Satya, we're getting bigger deals with clients effortlessly. Our prospects know
we are a premium service provider -  even before they talk to us! We barely ever get bargain
hunters anymore!" 
- Hester Aba

Want to know what's snuffing out sales on your website? 

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