Q: What the heck is this place?

A: Hey, we're ZAG Studios. ZAG Studios is a brand strategy + copywriting studio for experts, influencers and service-based entrepreneurs who are done being invisible. 

We help clients discover + embrace their inner badass - so they can stand out, raise their rates with pizzazz, and make a crap-ton of cash - in just 1 week! (Seriously.)

Q: What's with the name, dude?

A: We love the go-getters, the rule-breakers and the fire-starters of the world. The ones who flip the bird to "business as usual". And especially the ones who zag when others zig. 💪

Q: Are you right for me?

A: Do you run a service-based business? If you answered "yes!", read on.
If you answered no, boo - we can't help you. You can stay around for tequila + tacos, though.)


  • fighting tooth and nail for every sale?
  • offering ridiculous discounts on your packages? 
  • being seen as a lowly "pair of hands"?
  • tripping over your words trying to explain what the heck you do (and why your customers should care)?
  • being your industry's best-kept secret?
  • chasing after cheap-ass clients who disappear after a "free strategy session"?
  • pussyfooting around your message - trying to ensure you don't offend (or miss out) on any client?


  • more sales (at higher prices!) 
  • a website that elevates you to web-celeb status, sounds like you and attracts dream clients,
  • to run a business on your terms (screw what everyone else thinks!)
  • a solid waitlist - booked months in advance
  • #respect from your family, friends and mega-jealous neighbours
  • a frenzied community of fans, clients, and partners who adore your brand
  • all of the above - without having to wait for weeks or (gasp) months

then, ZAG is just the place for you.  

Q: Ok - but why should I care? 😐

A: Seriously? We just gave you our best shot. Don't you want more money, better clients and a badass brand people can't resist? *shakes you by the shoulders*

Ok weirdo - even if you don't, we have lots of Tequila + Tacos (aka our blog ft. bomb-ass business advice). Stay? 

Q: You're pretty cool. Who runs this place?

Satya Purna  Founder + Brand Strategist, ZAG Studios   Read more about her >>  

Satya Purna
Founder + Brand Strategist, ZAG Studios
Read more about her >>  

A: All of us work remotely. Satya - the founder, chief rule-breaker and the person whose words you're reading right now (👋👋) - lives in Singapore at the moment, but she frequently escapes the city to enjoy other equally warm-and-sunny places. The rest of the team is split between the Taiwan, Australia and India. 



Q: How come you have a zillion* raving customers?

[*zillion = a roughly-exact estimate]

A: Excellent question, you smartypants you. Ever noticed how 99% service businesses in any category (think accountants, designers, web developers or even copywriters!) sound exactly the same?

"We offer soup-to-nuts ____________ services for everyone!"

It's human nature to follow the herd. It's less risky that way. That's why mediocre copywriters make mediocre clients sound exactly like their peers. 

But you are far from mediocre! You don't want to blend in - you want to create a ruckus. That's why we exist - to help our clients make a splash, grab attention and get paid like the badass boss they truly are.

And also - we get it. Ain't nobody got 4-6 weeks to start getting results! 
That's why our no-BS process takes your messages + website from "humdrum" to "hot damn" - in 1 week flat. (And you don't even have to write a word!)

So, in a nutshell: our clients love us for enabling their badassery, cutting out the B.S and getting real results - fast. 

Q: But..what's your definition of badassery?

A: Great question, again! You're on 🔥🔥!

For us, badassery is not about creating a ruckus for no reason.

It's about cutting the BS and creating a better way of doing business - for us and our clients.
It's about honouring our preferences, quirks and superpowers - so the right people can find us immediately.
It's about being remarkably you - so you copycat-proof your business, now and in the future!

Our Manifesto 🖖🖖

  1. Be different. Different is better than better. 

  2. Always do the right thing. Especially when no one is watching!

  3. Make your own rules! (Why borrow other people's rules when you can make your own?)

  4. Be relentless about delivering results + taking care of clients.

  5. Don't give too many f*cks about naysayers. 

  6. Cut the BS. Keep it simple.

  7. Launch quickly. ('Coz money loves speed!)

  8. Learn constantly. Nerds have way more fun in the long-term!

  9. Keep it real. It's ok to swear (when it's abso-fucking-lutely necessary).

  10. Be kind. Kindness is like ice-cream. There's always room for it. 

  11. Do your part to change the world. Because generosity is the most badass trait of them all!

Q: Have I seen your work anywhere before? 

A: Why, yes! You must've seen, heard or read Satya sharing all the #truthbombs on branding, marketing and mindset at one of these awesome places. 

Q: Why don't I see a portfolio on your website? How can I see samples? 

A: We used to have a portfolio on our website - but we found out that other business owners and copywriters were stealing the content we create for clients...to use on their own website. Yes, that's plagiarism and it makes us look bad for selling the same piece of work (twice) to different clients (which we never do!). We are here to protect our clients and serve them with integrity - so we've decided to keep our portfolio private. If you'd like to see samples - email us at care@hellozag.com and we'll send it over in a jiffy!

Q: I'm loving this - how do I work with you?

A: Oh, we LOVE hearing that! Book a call to get started. 👇