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  Satya Kothimangalam

Satya Kothimangalam

Satya kothimangalam

Brand Strategist + Copywriter @ ZAG Studios

Always called incorrigible and disobedient as a kid, Lil' Satya was known for running away from school to play tennis under the hot Indian sun.

After abandoning Wimbledon dreams, she went on to wear a variety of hats, like: software engineer, sales maven, startup marketer, fundraising consultant for millionaires, and growth strategist for small businesses. 

She finally found her calling helping entrepreneurs create more joy, freedom + impact in their business by standing out and embracing their inner badass.  

She has advised and consulted dozens of startups, creative entrepreneurs, eCommerce brands and fast-growing agencies on standing out + dominating their market. She's also regularly featured in awesome places like Inc, Digital Marketing Summit Asia and Women 2.0. She now splits her time between Singapore, Dubai and {insert place with fast wifi}.

When she's not busy breaking rules - you'll find her complaining about bland food, binge watching Netflix, or buying hipster sh*t at farmer's markets.

(Recently overheard saying: "What? Peach Kombucha is good for your gut!")

Praise for Satya