What's your "bubblewrap"? (a.k.a What do your customers REALLY want?)


This is my niece - she just turned 6 and....not that I'm biased...but she's the cutest bunny rabbit ever.

So...on her 6th birthday, her dad's colleague got her a beautiful (and very expensive!) present. My niece...like any other kid...wanted to see the gift immediately - and wanted some help with it, so I was helping her open it.

And as soon as she saw her present - she screams..


She grabbed the bubble wrap and ran away...without even noticing her new-and-expensive trinket box...and started popping all the bubbles immediately!

It was just so hilarious that I couldn't stop laughing (while the lady stood there looking confused and mildly insulted). 

But there's a massive marketing lesson here:

What is the "bubblewrap" for your clients? What are they *actually* excited about? 

Often, we think our audience values the same things that we do - but the fact is that, 95% of the time, they don't. We think they want the trinket box - whereas they're totally enamoured with the bubblewrap. 

Here are some questions to help you find the "bubblewrap" for your business (you're welcome)

- If your clients were to tell their best friend about working with you, what would they be raving about? 

- What are your clients excited about when you deliver your work?  

- What's the big, burning pain your product or service solves? Use your client's words to describe this pain point? Is it actually a pain worth paying for - from your client's perspective? 

If you're helping people get better results from their business - this is what their "bubblewrap" typically looks like: 

  • Make more money
  • Save money
  • Free up time
  • Look good in front of peers, clients and family
  • Have an easy experience 
  • Get rid of a problem for good
  • Reduce anxiety / stress + have more peace of mind

Work in a different industry? Tell me what you come up with for your clients in the comments below!

xo, Satya