Not making the kind of money you want? Read this.

🔥 I deserve more. I expect more. I accept more. 🔥
[And you should too.]

Because most likely, you're currently playing small in your business, your relationships and your life. And it's affecting how much money you make.

How do you find out where you are playing small?

Notice what you're tolerating.

Are you tolerating...

✋ your clients who only want to pay you $50/hour and accommodating them grudgingly?

✋ your coaches & service providers who are not serving you the way you want to be served?

✋ your boyfriend (or girlfriend) chilling on the couch after a long day - while you grudgingly do the dishes yourself after a 12 hour day?

✋ lack of appreciation or acknowledgment from your parents or siblings?

✋ that nagging back pain that refuses to go away?

✋ your friend who keeps dumping his/her negative shit on you - without ever asking what's going on in your life?

✋ those dead bulbs in your bathroom that needed to be changed 6 weeks ago?

It's time to let that shit go and ASK for what you need. (I know - revolutionary idea! It's ok to ask for shit.)

I'm a brand girl - so how does this relate to your brand + the monehh in your bank account?

If you're not asking for what you need (in business + life) - you're not going to unlock the greatness + joy that helps you break-through to that next level.

Here's how you ask for what you need and make it a part of your brand:

❤️ show people how they can work with you

❤️ display your pricing with pride (and don't budge)

❤️ raise your rates as you get better

❤️ make that diva list (aka a list of what you will not tolerate)

❤️ set clear expectations for what you'll do for clients

❤️ put it in all in a goddamn contract (important!!)

❤️ {kindly} call them out on their shit - (without worrying about what they'll think of you)

❤️ hire people to do the stuff you hate doing

Because honouring yourself is a one-(wo)man sport. If you don't honour yourself, you can't expect others to honour you.

So what can you do right now? Say it out loud:

I deserve more.

I expect more.

I accept more.

For bonus points:

Make that list of the things you're currently tolerating and see what you can do to delegate or resolve this issue permanently.