Looking for a solution that is fast, cheap, good and easy? Read this. 

I was talking to someone who was interested in my 1-day Website Template Kit - and the lady in question wanted the following: 

A) didn't want to write copy herself

B) didn't want to pay $1000s to hire a copywriter

C) wanted high-quality copy with human touch

D) wanted it to be done fast

Basically, what she was looking for was high-quality copy - done quickly and for free - from an expert copywriter. 

Does that ever happen? That an expert is sitting around waiting for pro-bono clients to just walk into their door? (Mind you, she's running a profit-making business - not an NGO.) 

NO! That never happens. The people who are truly amazing at what they do..

A) KNOW they're amazing

B) HAVE clients who are booking them up weeks and months in advance

C) ARE comfortable charging a handsome fee

D) DON'T have the time to be servicing a client who doesn't want to invest in their business

Look, you're going to have to "pay for it" - one way or the other. This handy Venn diagram will make it easy for you to get it:


The question is: what are you willing to pay? 

- Money?

- Time?

- Lack of quality or results?

- Lack of convenience? 

Usually, money is the "cheapest" thing you'll pay in the long term. Why? 

- It'll save you time.

- It'll bring you better results.

- It'll get you faster results.

- It'll free you up to do what you *truly* love. 

- It'll make you more money.

The cost of NOT investing money in your business is SO much higher than the cost of investing in your business.

Even if you don't have thousands of dollars to work with my team - we have a (much) cheaper alternative which will help you launch your badass website - quickly and easily.

It's called the 1-day Website - and it's the ultimate template kit for badass entrepreneurs who want to launch their new website within the next 6 hours. Check it out here: www.hellozag.com/buy1daywebsite