I’m going on vacay to Sri Lanka in exactly 3 days (woohoo!) - so I decided to journal out my 17 biggest lessons from 2017, which covers both business lessons and life lessons. And it was too good to not share - so here I am - making it available for you (if you choose to read it and accept it!).

I hope it helps you, as much as it has helped me! 

👉 Having fun and taking care of your body is good for business. If you’re unhappy in your personal life - it automagically reflects in your professional life. The good news is that once you’re happy, things can shift really quickly.

👉 Don’t indulge in vices when you’re sad. This includes: food, alcohol, caffeine, sex, cigarettes, drugs, chocolate, even overwork. (Here’s what will make you feel better: exercise, sleep, massages, meditation, gratitude, journaling, self-care, good music, positive family + friends and healthy food)

👉 The most difficult experiences in your life can be the most transformative - if you choose the Athlete Model of Recovery. Which means, you don’t just sit in bed waiting for your wounds to heal (or go get drunk on the drug of choice to numb out the pain) - you go out there, keep working and keep getting your “muscles” stronger - until you are ready to go out there and kick ass at your sport of choice!

👉 Your clients will invest in you only as much as you invest in yourself. If your business is not worth a big investment of your own money - your clients are not going to see your services as being worthwhile of a big investment of their money. (Want to invest in YOUR brand? Explore our packages here.

👉 At some point, you'll find that courses are not as helpful anymore. If you really want to take it to the next level - hire someone one-on-one. (Yes, it gonna be more expensive - but it's gonna get you 10X results.)

👉 Your money mindset matters. Explore it, let it go and overhaul it. Your business depends on it. I’m grateful that I’ve found my mindset coach, Dr Katie Henry to help me with this.

👉 Business is a lot like farming. You can't harvest all year long. Some days (or months) - you'll be sowing the seeds for future greatness. Those “winters” can feel long and hard. I know because I've been there. Don't quit. Just keep working - because Spring will come. It always does. And all your efforts will make sense. And the non-believers will say they always knew you had it in you (even if they doubted you plenty before).

👉 Having no clients is BETTER than having bad clients. Because you now have the time to find and wow the best people. (This also applies for other relationships.)

👉 You get to choose how your clients will treat you and what you'll accept. And if they don't treat you the way you want to be treated - you can (and should) fire them. It's best for everyone. Trust your gut to know when it’s “off”.

👉 Your friends and family have the best intentions - but they don't know what you're going through (if they've never run a business). So take the advice they give you with a pinch of salt and don't take it personally if they don't know how low the lows are and how high the highs can feel.

👉 Don't depend on 3-4 clients to fund your entire business. It might work in the short term, but if shit hits the roof - you shouldn't be losing 25% of your revenue from just 1 client.

👉 How someone treats you is a reflection of who THEY are - not who you are. Happy, well-balanced people don't go around attacking or tearing down other people.

👉 Being “selfish” makes you a better entrepreneur, partner, family member and friend. That doesn’t mean you should be an asshole - it just means that you treat all your needs as critical, urgent and important and you’re comfortable laying down the boundaries with everyone in your life. Boundaries are DA bomb-diggity!

👉GET HELP. You don’t have to do everything on your own. (Especially the things you hate. For me, it’s cleaning the house, doing my taxes and answering emails. The best part is that you feel SO good to not have to do it anymore.) This also applies to minor #lifestruggles - find the right books to help you! - there are people out there who have dedicated their LIFE to researching topics ranging from finance to mindset to better sex to how to train a puppy! And you get ALL their expertise for about $10. 

👉 Get a handle on your finances. Because NOBODY is gonna do it for you. Also, the “fuck you” fund is the best thing you’ll do for yourself. You should be able to walk away from any situation in life, if you choose to. If you’re an entrepreneur, read Profit First. Thank me later.

👉You have baggages from your childhood. We ALL do. It might not have been your fault (damn you, mom/dad/sister/brother/stranger/teacher) - but it IS your responsibility to let that shit go. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself at 35/45/75 wondering how the fuck you’re STILL stuck with your childhood crap.

👉 If you can’t take risks, you can’t grow. You gotta trust yourself before anyone else will trust you.

👉 BONUS: Feeling sad or stuck? Do something insanely FUN! Dance in your living room, take yourself on a date, get a foot rub or take an incredibly luxurious bath. Get yourself in the right vibe - and then ask yourself - “What would you do in this situation if all your dreams had already come true?”. Then go be that person who would kick ass at life!

What have been YOUR biggest lessons from 2017? Tell me in the comments below - or pick your favorite lesson from these 18 nuggets. I’d love to hear which ones you’re relating to this year. ❤️

Happy 2018, guys! See you on the other side!