Would you pay someone MORE than what you charge clients? Hint: you should.

A few months back, I had sent a proposal to a potential client - who said he didn't have the budget to work with me. We decided to keep in touch and I continued to add value to him  (because that's what I do, even if clients say no to me). And last week, we met for coffee. 

We had a lot to talk about in person and I gave him lots of ideas for his product during coffee - and we eventually came back to the topic of working together. 

At this point, he sheepishly tells me (and I quote):

"I decided to not hire you when you sent me the proposal last time - because you were charging me more per hour than I charge my clients. And I know I should hire you - because you're clearly amazing at what you do - but that thought was really tripping me up."

WHOA! That's one massive invisible script right there, isn't it? 

I made a mental note to address this on the blog - because this is an important topic. 

What is your business' next level of growth worth to you? 

Let's break down that belief a little more -

1) Are you looking for a pair of hands (aka amateurs) or are you looking for a team of experts (aka pros)? 

2) Do you just want to satisfy your ego by thinking that you charge more to your clients than you pay to your vendors? Does it actually serve the next level of growth for your business? 

3) Do you want to learn how YOU can charge more for your services? Or do you just want to keep playing at the same level? 

Because here's the thing: 

What got you here won't get you there. 

The next level of growth for your business will require...

  • higher investments
  • greater commitment
  • better people on your team
  • more awareness of your invisible scripts
  • a greater willingness to admit that you don't know what you don't know
  • the cajones to RAISE YOUR RATES. And do it with zero fucks given. 

The important thing to learn here is this: When you hire someone who is better than you and charges more than you do - you're proving that you are READY and COMMITTED to the next level of growth for your business.

You're welcoming someone on your team who can truly show you what it takes to play a bigger game. 

You get the opportunity to..

  • see what it takes to be an entrepreneur, service provider or consultant who earns $500K - $1M+,
  • ask them questions about how they raised their rates,
  • understand what a premium experience is supposed to look like,
  • get book recommendations to enhance your skills,
  • get access to their private network of clients, peers and partners,
  • understand how they think about money,
  • upgrade your own skills as you see them work.

You get the drift? When you want to level up your business - you have to level up EVERYTHING.

And I'm not pulling this out of my ass, btw. I have invested over $50,000 in my business to date - including hiring a business + mindset coach to help me work through my mental barriers, who charges WAY more per hour than my current $300/hour rate. But I've reaped the benefits of my investment many, many times over. So, I know it works and that my business is worth it.

It's time to get real and reflect on this: What's the next level of growth in your business worth to you?

Is it worth hiring people who charge more than you do?

Is it worth the risk? 

Is it worth questioning your ego and exploring your money mindset? 

Is it worth asking for help? 

If it is - sign up for a free call with me to level-up your brand. I promise, it'll be worth your time.