Are You Making This Super Obvious, No-Good-Very-Bad Mistake On Your Website?


I was recently looking for a web designer to collaborate with me for one of my projects - so I threw a request out into my communities to find the right folks. I ended up getting 60+ referrals - so, I had more than enough options to pick from...right? 

In Donald Trump's words...

There was just one tiiiny issue. I couldn't find the founder's name on many of the websites!! Can you believe it? 

I found at least 6 designers did not put there full name in their website. ANYWHERE. 

Look, I always stalk before I talk, ok? I need to know the person on Instagram, read their articles, check them out on LinkedIn...the whole works! It helps me walk into a meeting well-prepared.

Except, if I don't have your full name - how on earth am I going to find you? How on earth will your paying clients find you? 

And - no I don't care if your last name is too long or hard to pronounce! That's no excuse to put only your first name on your website!

(I get it - because "Kothimangalam" is not exactly a walk in the park for non-Indians. Or even Indians, for that matter.) 

We live in the same millennia as the "Copy and Paste" function - so your clients will certainly know how to use it to put your name into Google!'s what I want you to do today - before your lizard brain gets distracted by Netflix. 

Put your full name on your website - in multiple places.

Here are some of the places you can put it: 

  • Footer,
  • About Page,
  • Meta description of your home page,
  • Blog sidebar,
  • Blog post author field, 
  • Contact page

It should take you approximately 6 minutes to fix it - if you're using Squarespace or WordPress.

It's not a massive change - but it removes friction when your clients are trying to find you + make sure you're legit. And less friction is always a good thing for your sales. Do it NAO (and thank me later).

xo, Satya