Are your dreams made of passive income and Ferraris?

Who else is tired of people pretending like passive income is the ULTIMATE dream? 🙋

I was having a conversation with a “wantrepreneur” recently - and I asked her: “So what’s the big vision for your future business?”

And she said: “I want to create financial freedom - ya know, like passive income. So I can do whatever I want with my time.”

Now, I’m not here to shame or blame her wanting that - it’s totally fine if you do, and if you’ve thought through what it means for you.

There are lots of influencers out there who are selling that dream - the dream of flying private, living in massive mansions, driving Ferraris, bathing in dollar bills, carrying gold-plated phones and being surrounded by bikini-clad, busty women 24/7. (For obvious reasons, I’m not into busty women. Or busty men for that matter.)

But think about it - is that what you REALLY want? And will you do whatever it takes to get you there? I mean, doing something incredibly brain-numbing - like running a drop-shipping business? Or even something illegal / unethical?

If all you want from life is a passive income - at the expense of intellectual stimulation or life satisfaction - I’d say you’ve set your bar too low.

(For me - having a geo-arbitrage fuelled business is the digital equivalent of being a merchant in medieval times. Don’t really need a brain to get the job done!)

Don’t get me wrong - I love money.

Do I want to fly private? Hell yeah!

Do I want to live in gorgeous houses? Absolutely.

Do I like beautiful, shiny things? You betcha ya fine ass, I do.

Would I launch products and courses that help me have automated income? For sure.

Do I want it at the expense of doing what I love and creating impact for my clients? Absolutely not.

This is what my dreams are made of:

  1. Helping my clients create a business  that works FOR them (not the other way around)

  2. Doing business on my own terms and working with clients I love

  3. Creating work that expresses my values, vision + creative gifts in the world

  4. NEVER having to commute to an office when it’s raining (I hate wet shoes)

  5. Getting my parents a new home with a full-time housekeeper

  6. Living + working in GORGEOUS places on every continent (ok, maybe not the frozen ones)

  7. Supporting not-so-privileged communities + meaningful causes around the world

If doing the work I love does NOT involve a passive income stream - that’s totally fine with me. I absolutely LOVE my “active income” because it helps me work with some incredible, kind, passionate entrepreneurs who are totally badass at what they do!

Because passive income or just plain ol’ money is NOT the end goal. Doing work that matters + living life my way is what it’s all about. Money is just the juicy side benefit for bringing my own flavour of magic into the world.

And ALL of my clients and my kinda peeps are the same way. They’re not obsessed with a passive income - they’re obsessed with creating work that matters, in whatever shape or form it appears in. I absolutely LOVE that!!

Also - let’s be real - there’s a massive misconception around what passive income really means. Passive income doesn’t START off as passive - you gotta do a whole lot of grunt work before you reach that passive stage. Or you’re constantly promoting a “passive” income product - which also takes a whole lot of active work.

But if you don’t have an  “active income” business right now - just stop dreaming of a passive income and do the work that actually lights you up!

[Like our friend Nietzsche says: “He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying”. Same thing.]

BUT...if you are looking to create more impact, location freedom and financial freedom in your “active income” business - say as a creative, consultant or a coach - KNOW that it’s absolutely possible!

You don’t even *need* a passive income to create the exact kind of business and life you’ve always wanted. THAT is a fact. Because I help my clients do that sh*t all the time!

Tell me in the comments: What are your business dreams really made of?

Surely I can’t be the only one who doesn’t care about vegetating on the beach, drinking margaritas, having hot dudes rub my feet everyday - while magically making money using the powers of the interwebs. Tell me I’m not craaazy!