What if you could get more of everything you want - by doing less?

It feels so counterintuitive - aren’t we supposed to want more of everything, all the time? And isn’t it always supposed to be a good thing to have more - not less?

 More clients.
 More offerings.
 More staff.
More stuff.
 More copy on your website.
 More words on each page.
 More “work” on each project.
 More hours “hustling”.
 More work than what you can joyfully do. 
 More money than you have time to enjoy it.

NO. You know that more doesn’t always light you up. Sometimes more just frustrates, confuses and exhausts you.

Because more is not always the answer.

MORE is not better. BETTER is better.

 Better clients.
 Fewer offerings, but better rates. 
 Better staff.
 Fewer, better stuff.
 Better copy on your website.
 Better process that allows you to be more efficient + get better results. 
 Better (more productive) hours.
 Better work (that lights you up).
 Better money. (AKA money that comes from people + projects that light you up).

And yes, when your business gets better - not only do you make more money, you get more freedom and fulfillment.

So, how do we make it better?

 Get strategic about what you’re offering. 
 Only do what you love in our business. (Yes, you’re allowed to do that.)
 Work with (only) the clients that light you up. 
 Be firm about what you deserve to receive from your business. 
 Get some systems + processes, yo!
Lay down your boundaries.
 Speak your truth. 
 Be unapologetically YOU.

When you do this, you elevate yourself in your clients’ eyes immediately. You command a higher rate, you stand out, and you attract better clients who respect your boundaries.

Now that is what building brand is all about - it’s not about your logo, colours or visuals. It’s about becoming unmistakable (and wildly profitable) from the inside out.

What do you want to do *better* in your business?