Alright, for everyone who doesn’t get the sports reference - I’m gonna explain.

If you’re currently thinking about standing out in your industry - you can’t be looking at “the herd” (your peers) and figuring out what you should be doing based on their actions.

In that case, all that you’re doing is “defending” against your competition or your customer’s objections - without creating your own strategy around how YOU want to show up in the world.

When YOU are in charge of how you show up - you carve a niche that never existed before. You become the star of a “category of one” - and believe me, that’s the only category you want to be in.

 Should your strategy be based on what your clients want? Yes, of course!
 Should it be inspired by the gaps in your market? Fo’ sho.
 Should it be the same as everyone else in your industry? Nope. Nope. Nope.

Your strategy should be based on what lights you up - because guess what? That’ll naturally be unique to your brand.

When you create a brand around..

The clients you love
 A process that’s unique to you
 Offerings that are profitable for you, valuable to clients + joyful to deliver
 Your natural (read: human) personality
 Pricing that makes sense based on the VALUE you’re delivering
 AND the gaps in the market that are screaming to be filled

…, you don’t need no defence strategy.

You’ll be killing it with your offence - and your clients will be HAPPY to pay you more for doing what you love. 

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