PSA: Your Voice Matters

"Your clients don't care about you - they only care about themselves."
"Don't be too different! It's okay to blend in. Clearly what your peers are doing works!"
"Your About page should not *actually* be about you. Just focus on your client."
"You can't drop f-bombs in your copy?! Doesn't that make you sound unprofessional?"

I call bullshit. (Especially the last one, because I get that a lot.)

THAT is the recipe for boring copy, kids.

Because....when you try to make everyone happy, nobody is happy.

Your clients DON'T EVER pull out their credit card - because your copy is exactly the right kind of generic for them. (I promise.)

They hire you, because they felt connected. And connections happen with good stories, told in a unique voice.

The best part? Your best clients will love you (and hire you) for your story - and the time-wasters will get the f*ck out of your lawn..voluntarily! 

So, grow some cajones and put your voice out there. Your wallet (and your clients) will thank you for it.