Step 1: The BrandQuest™
Turbocharge your packages, pricing + messages
- in one afternoon.

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During our brand strategy intensive - we'll dig into what you do, why your clients work with you and most importantly - how you're different and how you can use this difference to charge more. 

All you need to do is show up and talk to us. We'll give you your (profit-pumping) edge on a silver platter - along with a compelling story - that makes clients go bananas to work with you and pay the big bucks! 

Yes, we really make it that easy. And we're quite entertaining!

Step 1: Pour yourself some  🍷  and come talk to us.

Step 1: Pour yourself some 🍷 and come talk to us.


During our session, we'll tackle muy importante questions, like:

  • Is your package optimised to command premium rates and attract your best clients? This is critical.

  • How can you optimise your process to increase profits - and deliver better client experience?

  • What's your unique process, story and personality with the most (eye)ball-grabbing powers?

  • Is your message easy to consume, different and unforgettable?

  • Does it inspire curiosity about your brand?

  • Does it have the persuasion chops to evoke a "OMG yes" - immediately?


Most service-based businesses don't know how to stand out from their peers, because *what* they offer is exactly the same as everyone else.

The solution? Create better packages that solve the gaping problems in your industry + speak to your clients in a compelling voice. Doing these two things alone will have you charging 2X the rates in no time - guaranteed.

Wanna know why this works? Creating your own niche + brand identity allows you to rise above your peers and be the star of a "category of one" in your industry. Congratulations, you've just eliminated all competition.  

The result? You attract your dream clients, effortlessly. Your leads don't balk at your prices or compare you to Super-cheap Sally - because they know you're better. You have so many clients reaching out - you need to start a waitlist. You stop hustling for every sale.

Step 2: We'll work our magic and give your business a badass makeover.  🍀

Step 2: We'll work our magic and give your business a badass makeover. 🍀


The BrandQuest is the perfect solution to copycat-proof your brand - by innovating on your business model, offering better packages + creating an unforgettable story around your business. (And yes, it also allows you to charge more.) 

You'll walk away with the ultimate blueprint to start charging the big bucks, immediately. Here's what we cover during our session: 


  • Who are your clients? What are their pain-points, fears and dreams?

  • What's your clients' biggest frustration with your industry?

  • What do you love doing for clients?

  • How do clients hire you?

  • What's your process?

  • What are your goals for your business? Does your pricing match up with your big-picture $$$$ goals - without making you work 16 hours a day?


  • What's your story + brand personality?

  • What makes you different & better than everyone else?

  • What values, vision & principles do you bring into your brand?

  • How can we make your process more efficient (and your packages more profitable)?

  • What's your unique POV on your industry?

  • How can we package your expertise in a way that commands higher rates + offers a better client experience?

  • How can you structure pricing to be more seductive to clients? (Thank you, buyer psychology!)

Step 3: Walk away ready to kick your competitor's bootay.  🙅🏼 🙅🏼

Step 3: Walk away ready to kick your competitor's bootay. 🙅🏼 🙅🏼


This package includes:

  • The Quest: 3-hour branding intensive (via Zoom).

  • The Brief: 8-page brief outlining -

    • Your badass packages + client-wooing processes

    • New sky-high pricing guide

    • Tag-lines + main messages that sizzle and pop for your industry

    • All other takeaways to skyrocket profits in your business

  • Lifetime access to the video recording of our session + your new-found badass brand.

Investment: USD 1997

*The cost of BrandQuest is applied to all BadassWebsite™ packages moving forward. 



YES! Woohoo for fantastic life decisions.

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Your WTFs? and HTFs? - Answered

+ When do I have to make my payment? Do you have payment plans?

Great question! All payments need to be made up-front, right after you book your BrandQuest slot with us! We don't offer payment plans for the BrandQuest just yet.

+ How quickly can I speak with you?

You can send us a quick question using the widget here.

+ What exactly happens during our session?

The BrandQuest is the love-child of an interview + a strategic consultation. We'll walk you through our signature process and brainstorm ideas for your brand message, offerings + positioning, ideal clients and profit-pumping process. By the end of our session - you'll have total clarity on the strategy that will drive your business forward, help you raise your rates + dominate your market like a badass boss.

All you need to do is show up and talk to us. (No long-ass questionnaires to fill - yeayy!)

+ Why are you more expensive than other copywriters?

The short answer: "If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur."

The long answer: Most copywriters don't think strategically about their clients' brands + how they can dominate in their industry, raise their rates and create a wildly profitable business.

Heck - most copywriters don't even have a brand themselves! How can they possibly help you create a brand strategy that converts?

We're not in the business of putting words on your website - we're in the business of making YOU a shit-ton of money. Every dollar you invest with us is an investment in a glorious, cash-pumpin' future for your business. And you can get it done - in one afternoon!

+ What if I want to upgrade to a BadassWebsite package?

Absolutely - we'd love to have you. We'll recommend the best package for you during our session - you can just top-up the balance - we'll get started as soon as our availability allows us.

+ I'm loving this - how do I book you?

Click the juicy button below to book a free call - and we'll get you a time on the calendar.