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Thank you for reaching this far! We're excited to send you the pricing guide - but before we do that, we'd love to know a bit more about your needs. It'll help us send you the best options for your stage of business.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before completing this form:

1) We only work with service-based businesses (consultants, coaches, agencies, SaaS companies and service providers).

2) We're the best fit for businesses creating meaningful transformations in their clients' lives. We typically turn down projects with low-value service providers or outsourcing-related companies (such as SEO agencies, content farms, IT-related agencies etc).

3) Our clients are typically at least 2-3 years into their business - and make over 6-figures in revenue. No judgment if you're not there yet. We're happy to help you get there. :) 

4) We're not cheap - but we're great value! If you're looking for a cheap pair of hands, you'd be wasting your time speaking with us. But if you are ready to grow your business faster than ever before - you couldn't find a better ally for your journey. 

5) After you work with us, you'll probably end up saying: "OMG I had no idea it could be this easy to have my website copy done and launched!" Not making this up - that's what all our clients end up saying. If you're ready to see what it's like to work with people who make copywriting....dare we say - go request that pricing guide! 

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