get some 1:1 action

The Quickie**

60 minutes of
conversion copywriting + strategy buffet. 

>> No refunds. <<

Get a one-on-one call with Satya to work on your website or your brand strategy in real time! 

  • Take your website from "meh" to "whoa" with a big dollop of persuasion principles, a heaping tablespoon of clarity and a sprinkle of seduction + charm.

  • Perfect all your headlines, tag-lines and openers - so you hook clients by the (eye)balls on every single page. Especially on your opt-in page + free consultation page.

  • Steal my ^private clients only^ opt-in offer cheat sheet - so your list building results go through the roof (and your clients keep opening, clicking and loving your emails for years to come).

** Don't want copywriting and just want to talk strategy?
Fine by me. I'm happy to help you productise your service, refine your target market, perfect your rates, pick your niche or create a client attraction playbook on our call. (You'll have to pick one or two.)

Prepare your questions and fire away. I'm all yours for 60 power-packed minutes. 


Expected ROI: $5,000+ within 60 days.
It's not a guarantee - it's a historical estimate. 


Detailed video review of your website's copy, user experience and imagery - delivered within 72 hours. End the #WebsiteShame, for good. 

>> No refunds. <<

Don't know WHY your website isn't working for your business? Is it the opt-in offer? Design? Photos? Tagline? Page load time?

Yes, all of it matters. And it can keep you stuck in low-price-hell and make you lose precious time and money - when you desperately want to get your business out into the world and win those clients!

You'll get a detailed video review that gives you precise-n-actionable feedback on your copy, user experience and visual brand, like: 

  • How to make your readers "float" through your website - so they want to keep reading, move closer to the sale and reach out to work with you, in droves.

  • How to tweak your sales page + packages - so your clients understand the true value of what you're offering.

  • What type of content to add on every critical page on your website - so your clients want to pay you the big bucks and sign up for your email list (willingly)!

  • Strategic tips on placing your opt-in offers for maximum conversions (plus, the best tools to bring it to life).


Expected ROI: $3,000+ within 60 days.
It's not a guarantee - it's a historical estimate.

The 6-figure Sales Bootcamp

The instantly effective Sales Bootcamp for freelancers, creatives and service providers who're ready to hop off the #strugglebus, charge higher rates and get more “yes!!” from clients - easily!

You get instant access to all the modules. 

>> U.P $3000 <<

7-day Money-Back Guarantee



Every single freelancer and solopreneur wants ONE thing: more clients. But to get more clients, it’s not enough to just be amazing at what you do.

🔥🔥 You need to know HOW to sell yourself. 🔥🔥

And you need to do it: with heart, with confidence, with ease – and without making your clients feel "sold to", pushed or icky.

Even if you're brand new in business.
Even when you’re quoting 5-figure prices.
And especially if your bank account is looking barren AF right now.

Want to master *that* kind of selling - without spending 2 years reading boring sales books? The 6-figure Sales Bootcamp is the right option for you. 

Learn the exact sales process that Satya uses to close her 5-figure copywriting packages and 4-figure high-end masterminds - and even steal her exact scripts to tackle objections and close sales. (Psst...she uses these exact words to bring in $40k cash weeks in her business!) 

 Hit the button below to read more about the Bootcamp. 

The BizReboot

The 8-week coaching + implementation program for freelancers and solopreneurs who want to level up their business strategy and earn more, quickly.

You’re an amazing freelancer and you have the skills - but you’re realising that talent is not enough to grow a profitable business. You need business skills - and you’ve never figured that piece out..until now!

And you know that if you want to scale to earning $20,000+ every month - you're going to need to upgrade your business model, your mindset and your game plan. 

This is your invitation to hop off that struggle bus and command 5-figure contracts like a mofo. Get on the waitlist to get notified when we're opening sign-ups for the next round. 

get some PRODUCTS

The 1-day Website

The ultimate fill-in-the-blanks style template kit for freelancers, creatives and consultants who want to DIY a high-conversion website. 

>> 7-day Money-back Guarantee  <<

What if you could plan, write and launch your new personality-packed, high-conversion website - in the next 6 hours? 

Get easy-to-tweak copywriting templates + resources for every word, page or section your website needs: 

👉🏼Scroll-stopping Tag-lines
👉🏼Click-wooing Opt-in Copy
👉🏼Wildly-effective Home Page
👉🏼Personality-infused About Page (3 templates!)
👉🏼"Yes"-inducing Services Page + Package Page (2 templates!)
👉🏼Tempting AF Testimonials
👉🏼Authority-boosting Expert Bio
👉🏼Come-hither Contact Page

And tons of bonus video trainings, checklists, templates and questionnaires! 

Starts at $397

(Payment plans available)

"Why do I sound so boring in my copy - when I'm a hoot-and-a-half in real life?"

If you've ever had this thought, this 60-min masterclass is just the cure for all your boredom-related woes. 

In this video training, Satya walks you through 13 never-shared-before writing prompts, tools and tips to help you draw out your best ideas, amplify your natural voice and make your audience fall in love with you - and get it all done really fast. Plus, she answers questions from the live audience during the recording (Feb 2018).  

How to write with personality, easily

The 60-minute masterclass on writing copy that jumps off the page and into your client's heart - quickly and painlessly. 

U.P. $197 | No refunds. 


How to scale to $15K - without hustling harder

The 90-minute masterclass for freelancers, solopreneurs and creatives who want to scale their business to $15K months, without working themselves to death. 

U.P. $197 | No refunds.

Want to scale your freelance business, but feeling stuck charging low rates, sending pointless proposals and dealing with low paying clients? This is THE training for you!

During the training, you'll discover:

  • A step-by-step game plan to scale to $15,000+ per month selling high-value service packages within 3 months - without working 100-hour weeks or slogging away at creating eCourses

  • The real reason why “just get more clients” is NOT a good strategy for scaling your business - and what to do instead to charge higher rates while working with fewer, better clients - starting today!

  • The secret to raising your rates to $500/hour and beyond - and how you can still get clients who understand the value of your expertise (bye-bye, price objections!)

  • How my clients are earning more “pain-free money” by leveraging their time and connections - and the simple system that can make this happen, practically overnight

  • And how YOU can do all of this - while solving meaningful problems, doing the work you actually love and making the world a better place.